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Did you know that flat and rubber roofing are some of the most commonly used roofing materials in New England? That's right! Rubber roofs are becoming increasingly popular in New York and they may be right for your home or business. At Honey-Do-Men Gutters, Roofing & Handyman Services, we will work with you to determine whether this cost-effective roofing solution may be right for you. We encourage you to contact our team as soon as possible to ensure that you receive a free quote for your project.


  • The Liquid version of EPDM is identical to the sheet version EPDM, but because it's a liquid you will never need to worry about seams. Also the liquid version will not chalk like sheet EPDM does after 7-8 years.
  • The temperature this product can endure ranges from -40 F to over 300 F.
  • Unlike any elastomeric, acrylic or urethane -- you can apply EPDM 3 times thicker.
  • With only one coat needed, and no primers on most surfaces, you save product and labor costs.
  • A true "Do-It-Yourself" product with over a 25 year history of success.
  • We challenge you to compare any other product which will waterproof upon application that’s right a light rain directly after application will not affect the material or its performance 365 days a year.
  • Accelerated aging testing has proven EPDM Liquid Coating to out-perform elastomerics & urethane 4 times longer.
  • Liquid EPDM rubber is good for virtually any surfaces.
  • EPDM liquid is very versatile and can be applied to any shape or flashing or protrusion. It can even be applied up to three times as thick on a vertical without running!
  • Liquid EPDM waterproofs immediately. If it rains directly after application your roof is already protected.

When looking for a long-term roof solution, compare apples to apples. Liquid EPDM Rubber is a one-coat application. There are no primers needed, and when you begin adding up the cost of other systems that require primers and multiple coats, you are often exceeding the cost of liquid EPDM Rubber and have an inferior sealant on your roof. Why add unnecessary weight to a roof by using multiple-coat systems? Cut your time and labor costs in half with a one-coat system. Liquid EPDM has a very thick honey-like consistency and a slow cure time. One of the biggest benefits of the product. During the cure process, you will see bubbles resembling those created when you cook a pancake. This is the catalyst at work forcing the trapped air to the surface. What you have after the cure is a chemical bond between your roof and the coating. No other coatings produces this result. Other products trap this air making future cracks inevitable as temperatures change or expansion and contraction of the roof occur.

When you choose to work with Honey-Do-Men Gutters, Roofing & Handyman Services for your flat and rubber roofing needs, you will be working with dedicated professionals who have more than 15 years of experience in the roofing industry. We stand behind each of our products and craftsmanship and strive to get the project done right the first time. Our commitment is stellar, and our reputation precedes us.

When you work with our team, you will receive:

  • Information from a live person
  • Prompt returns to phone calls and messages
  • References as necessary
  • Copies of our license and insurance
  • Completion of your project in a timely manner
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