Other Services We Offer

"Yes, we do that!" - The list of things we don't do is a lot shorter than the list of thing we do.

We DON'T do furniture assembly/ landscaping/ fall clean-ups.

Some other things we do:

Structural and loadbearing walls

Retaining walls (Rock, landscape, engineered)

Hardwood floor installation and refinishing.

Carpet installation and stretching

Driveways, Belgium block, driveway drainage,

French drains, curtain drains, footing drains, Garage floors refinishing, installation and repairs

cement patios, walkways, bluestone, flag stone, paver, blacktop

Wrought iron railings, PVC railings, wood railing, composite railing,

And lots more

Power Washing

Don't Replace It, Restore It.

Low pressure, High pressure, No pressure, Hand wash
Cleaning of: siding, roofs, gutters, windows, screens, shutters, decks, fences, walkway, patios and driveways.

From: dirt, grime, stains, rust, mold, moss, lichen.
Removed safely without damaging your home

All Surfaces: Shingle, asphalt, tile, slate, shingle, vinyl, aluminum, wood, trex, cement, sto, stucco, stone, brick, etc

If it's dirty, we can clean it and clean it safely. And we even warranty it. Anywhere from 1-5 years.

For those afraid of the damages that can be caused from power washing, we have the no pressure Bio-Wash option which uses envormentaly friendly agents to saftly remove those ugly stains, dirt and mold from you siding, deck, and you roof.

Roof Cleaning

Chemically treat the roof to kill and clean the mold, moss, lichen, bacteria and algae that is harmful to your health and the health of your home. These algae are living off of and eating through the shingles causing those ugly black stains and streaks. If left untreated, besides making the roof look bad, it can shorten the life of your roof by 10 years, and cause roof leaks.

We do not use any pressure when performing the treatment. We do not scrub, scraper, brush, power wash, or agitate in any way, shape or form which would otherwise damage the roof. Our chemical treatment of the roof is safe for pets, drinking water, groundwater, your home, and your family. It leaves behind a protective film to protect the roof, extends the life of your roof, and helps keep the algae from growing back. Five year limited warranty.

Mold, Moss, Lichen, Bacterial, and Algae cause ugly stains and streaks on your roof that not only look bad but can also void out your homeowners insurance and can cause roof leaks.

Moss will act like a sponge holding and retain water causing it too pool and pond on the roof as it also creates miniature damns. The wind can then push this water through the seam of your shingles and cause roof leaks.

Lichen will literally eat away at your shingles, breaking down the granulated surface exposing the fiberglass matting and can cause roof leaks.

Algae will live off the lime stone that the roofing industry is using as fillers in your shingle to help cut down the cost of petroleum. This "food" you are now feeding to the algae causes it to grow exponentially and people who never had a problem with mold, moss, lichen, and bacterial growth on their roof are all of a sudden inundated with it. If left untreated, it can literally cut the life of your roof in half. I guess its a good thing we now how to treat and get rid of it. Not only can we clean and kill it, but we give a 5-year limited warranty that it wont come back.


Knock them down or build a few, either way they will look like new
Rebuild, re-paint, restore
Clean, remove rust stains, leak repairs,
Stucco, wood, brick, stone, vinyl, metal, water proof, crown, point, cap, flashing, crickets, storm color, chase caps, flue caps, trim, siding, knock down
Clean the outside, sides, brick, siding, of a chimney.
Remove rust from the roof, shingles, brick, siding and chimney

Soffit Ventilation & Wrap

Wall Tapestries, Paintings & Pictures

You need it done, we can do it. We can hang wall tapestries, paintings, pictures, and anything else you need.


Bifold, sliders, glass, pre-hung, and slab


Wood floors, engineered hardwood, laminate


Does your bath tub look like this? We can re-glaze it, clean it, re finish, or replace it. The look of a new tub or an actual new tub. Any job to fit any budget. That the Honey-Do Way.

Bathroom Curtain Rods

Yeah, we do that.

We Do it All

Siding, windows, doors, shutters, gutters, fascia, soffits, roofing, even a nice stone veneer. We do it all.