Giving Back to Our Community-" THIS IS WHAT WE DO"

  • HOLIDAY MIRACLE - Honey-Do-Men donates to help needy families for the holidays.

  • Listen to the live broadcast of those who were chosen to receive a holiday miracle from everyone here at Honey-Do-Men.

Listen to the Radio Interview with some of the winners of the Twelve $500 gift cards to families in need this Holiday Season

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"Kevin Blackman"

"Battered woman's shelter"


Honey-Do-Men Entrepreneurial Scholarship

Every year for the past 4 years, we've given out two $1,000 scholarships to local graduating high school students who show an entrepreneurial spirit while giving back to their own community.

Holiday Miracle - Presented by WHUD 100.7. People write in with their misfortunes in life, and WHUD picks one person to receive a $1,000 gift certificate to a local mall.


Good Samaritan Truck - Once a month, we send out a truck to do work at no charge to a homeowner. It is also sent out after storms (winter snow, rain, hurricane, etc.) to cut up trees that are blocking road, tow people out of ditches and help those that are stuck on the side of the road. We have been doing this for over 10 years now.

10/24/14 Good Samaritan

- "Storm door pump ripped out of the doorway. I grabbed four screws from his basement, my drill gun and fixed fix it for him on the spot. When he asked 'what do I owe you?' I said, 'Nothing but a handshake and a smile'. (Turns out the guys actually unemployed and has been looking for a job for over year now). Good Deed done for the day :)"

Good Samaritan Award - November 2015

(These gifts of free service and work at no charge are picked at random by the owner of the company. The customers are not told about it and are not aware that it exists. We don't advertise it or promote it. It's just something we do) 😊

Walter S., Pleasantville NY

Free gutter cleaning. Customer asked why, I said "because your a nice guy and I am a nice guy and there are to many people out there that aren't nice guys." :-)

He said, "No really, what do I owe you".

"A handshake and a smile is all I ask for. And maybe if someone else you meet needs your help, you'll do the same for them"

Darrell Babboni

We have donated our services with "Holmes on Homes" and we have participated in the Recycling Roofs Program

Our trucks can be found out on the road during stormy weather cutting and pulling trees off roads so people can get through and get home. Pulling cars out of ditches and up hills in snow and ice storms. All of which we do regularly and never ask for anything more than a hand shake and a smile from those people we help, and that maybe the next time they see someone in need, that they extend the same courtesey we just extended to them - Happiness is Contagious, Pass it Around.

Toys for Tots Vendor/Drop off center

Honey-Do-Men is now an official Toys-for-Tots vendor/drop-off center in an effort to reach out, give back and impact our community.

Silent Auctions

We have and will always support any worthy cause and organization that helps to enrich the lives of those around us and the world we live in.

Any organization holding a fund raiser, gala, or other event that features a Silent Auction can contact us for our gift certificates listed below to help raise funds for their cause. We have an endless supply and we love handing them out. Please fill out one of our "contact us forms" to apply:

"Free Gutter Cleaning" valued up to $300

"Free Roof Repair" valued up to $500

"Free Handyman Repair Service" valued up to $500

Organizations that we have already donated certificates to:

Somers School District

Yorktown School District

Cancer Victims

Wounded Warriors

Local Hospitals


•We offer a 10% discount for all veterans on any repair service

(can not be combined with any other offer, discount or coupon)


HoneyDoMen donates a portion of our jobs to the following non-profit organizations:

American Breast Cancer Society

Red Cross

Toys for Tots Marien Program

Saint Jude Children Center

Guiding eyes for the Blind

Taconic Opera Company


Habitat for Humanity

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

4 paws for ability

Boy Scouts of America

Lake Carmel Arts Center - Diamond Sponsor for Art, Education, Theater, and Music

If you would like to be considered for or added to the list of nonprofits organizations we donate to and support, please fill out the form below.